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Committed to Justice

If you’ve been injured or if you lost someone close to you due to the greed and negligence of a manufacturer or corporate entity, we’ll be ready to fight for you.

Who We Are

For more than two decades, the attorneys at The Smith Law Firm, PLLC have fought for individuals and the families of those who’ve been injured or killed by defective medical products, drugs, and cosmetics, or were exposed to toxic chemicals at work.

When companies put the pursuit of profits over the safety of their employees and consumers, innocent people can get hurt. When this happens, our team of experienced products liability trial lawyers will be ready to stand up and demand justice.

The Definition of Trial Excellence

The large corporations are going to do whatever it takes and bring as many people to the courtroom as possible. We are going to stand there firmly, represent our client, be successful, and not flinch.

Allen Smith

Our clients are not just one in a hundred or one in a thousand. Our clients are number one.

Madison Keyes


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