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Roundup Weedkiller

We continue to seek justice for our clients harmed by Roundup Weedkiller.

The growing number of lawsuits supports the allegations that there is a clear link between the use of Roundup and certain cancers.

Roundup Weedkiller is popular throughout the United States, as well as the rest of the world, to fight off weeds and unwanted bugs or pests. As such, it may come as a surprise to many that Roundup may not be safe for human health, especially with long-term exposure to the product.

Manufactured by Monsanto, Roundup is used as an herbicide on crops to ensure the crops can grow quickly without the presence of weeds. The widespread use of Roundup exposes farmers, gardeners, and landscapers to a harmful substance known as glyphosate, which is Roundup’s key ingredient. While Monsanto claims that Roundup is safe, the scientific data and the prevalence of cancer in individuals who have used Roundup suggest otherwise.

In recent years, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is a specialized agency within the World Health Organization, reported data through a final assessment on the effects of glyphosate to human exposure. The agency’s assessment found that glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans, meaning that glyphosate has been linked to certain types of cancer. The different types of cancer that individuals who have been in contact with Roundup have suffered from include Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and its various subtypes, such as chronic lymphocytic leukemia and B-Cell lymphoma, among others.

While the goal of all corporations and businesses is to make a profit, safety should also be of utmost importance. If manufacturers of certain products do not warn consumers of potential health hazards, such as a link between Roundup’s key ingredient, glyphosate, and cancer, consumers have no way of making an informed decision. If consumers were aware of the link between Roundup and cancer, they might choose not to use the product. Alternatively, some consumers may still choose to use Roundup, but would do so with care, wearing a mask and protective gear to reduce the level of exposure to glyphosate.

Monsanto has misled consumers into believing that Roundup is safe for use and that no protective gear, such as a mask or gloves, is necessary. Monsanto’s willful choice to withhold information about the dangers of Roundup shows that the company does not prioritize consumer safety.

Lawsuits against Monsanto for injuries sustained from Roundup use have been filed all over the United States, and most have been consolidated into certain courts. There is currently multidistrict litigation in federal court where plaintiffs can file lawsuits against Monsanto. There is also a consolidated action against Monsanto in Missouri state court. The growing number of lawsuits supports the allegations that there is a clear link between the use of Roundup and certain cancers.

The Smith Law Firm is actively engaged in resolving Roundup claims for its many Roundup clients, and will continue to seek justice for its clients harmed by Monsanto’s lack of care for consumer safety.

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